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GLL Policy on Field Closure Due to Inclement Weather

With our season officially started, we want to reiterate the process that GLL uses to determine if the fields are open, how we communicate this information, and what happens if a game is cancelled due to bad weather.  We appreciate your patience and understanding when games or practices are cancelled, as all of us want to play! We also remind you that it is your responsibility to check the status of the fields and for coaches/team parents to communicate field closures to your teams.

GLL will make every attempt to play games/allow practices on their designated day.  We know that you have already prepared your child to play that day, made arrangements to get them to/from the game, etc. Additionally, it is very difficult on the league and parents when we start rescheduling games, as it may be necessary to reschedule games on short notice or on days where parents have commitments for other activities.  This philosophy may result in GLL keeping the fields open as long as possible, and not closing them until right before (or even at) the scheduled start time.

1.  Are all the fields opened/closed by GLL?
No.  The field status of GLL fields 1-4 and the Tball field is determined by the GLL Board.  These fields are where kids with a league age of 5-12 play.  Max Baer 1 and Max Baer 2 are managed by LAPRD.  These two fields are where kids league age 13-18 play their games.

For Max Baer fields 1 and 2, LARPD has a hotline to call to see if the fields are open or closed.  That phone # is 925-373-5702. We will be doing our best to reflect the field status of Max Baer 1 & 2 on our GLL web site. That said, the most direct way to find out the status of these fields is to call the hotline.

Items (2) and (3) below only apply to league ages 5-12.

2.  Determining if a game is cancelled
(a)  Weekdays - a member from the GLL Board will visit the fields to determine if the field conditions are not playable for that day.  If it is certain that the fields are not playable, our goal is to update the fields status on the GLL website by 3pm.  If the field status remains open at 3pm, then you should continue to check the website for any updated status, but be prepared to bring your child to the field for a game.

(b)  Weekends - the same procedure as above will take place and we will update the website as soon as possible after a decision is made for each game.  Since there are multiple games, we will continue to re-evaluate the fields throughout the day and update the website accordingly. So, for example, just because the fields are closed for the 8am game, they may be reopened for games later in the day as the fields dry out. For the 8am Saturday games, we will evaluate the field conditions on Friday night and may make a determination then if it is clear that the fields will or will not be playable on Saturday morning - so check the field status on Friday night too when you have the first Saturday AM game.  We don't like getting up and being ready for an 8am cancelled game any more than you do and want to avoid this whenever possible.

3.  Who to contact
Please do not call any board members to inquire about the status of the fields.  The website will be the official status, and we do not have the ability to take calls from 500 parents.

You can also receive updates about the fields from our facebook page: "Friends of Granada Little League" 

4.  Makeup games
(a) Junior’s / Senior’s / Big League - Your manager will be contacting you with the details of all rescheduled games, as this requires coordination with the District and the other leagues.

(b) Tball thru Majors - Games will be re-scheduled as best as possible.  Major and Minor AAA games will be scheduled first (as those divisions have standings).  The lower divisions will be rescheduled to the best of our ability, but there is a chance that not all games will be rescheduled.