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Welcome to the Granada Little League
2020 Spring Baseball Season!


Please take a minute to read this page in its entirety.

For Your Information:

  • Registration is done by league age.

  • Placement in a division and on a team is done through a draft system for ages 7 and up.

  • Ages 4-6 will be assigned to teams at the Rookie, T-Ball and Farm level.

  • There is no need to request a particular division (level), players will be evaluated during tryouts and prior experience is considered.

  • There is NO freezing of players.

  • Registration fees are to be paid at time of sign ups, scholarships are available for families that are in need.

  • Refunds are 100% previous to evaluations, 50% after evaluations, and 0% after being placed on a team.

  • Requirements for documentation to verify age and address are NOT established by GLL. They come from Little League International. Please be patient with us as we work to make the registration process as smooth as we can!

  • Only the CHALLENGER DIVISION is exempt from age and address verification requirements.

Before registering, you should confirm the following information:

1. Do you live within the league boundaries of Granada Little League?

The registration system will automatically check your address for eligibility to play in Granada Little League. If your address falls outside our league boundary you will be allowed to continue with the registration process, but you will be placed on a waitlist. Our Registrar will contact you to verify you are eligible to play in our league. If your player goes to school within our boundary, but you live outside, or you have moved since playing last year and you still want to play this season, please contact our for help with registering. See more information below.

You can also check the GLL League Boundary Map and make sure that you are eligible to play in Granada Little League.


2. League Boundary Rules
Little League International rules allow students who go to school within a league boundary, but live outside that boundary to register for that league. Verification of school enrollment at one of the qualifying schools is required.

The schools within the GLL boundaries are:

  • Sunset Elementary
  • Smith Elementary
  • Rancho Las Positas Elementary
  • Marylin Avenue Elementary
  • Joe Michell School
  • Mendenhall Middle School
  • Granada High School

ONE of the following documents must be turned into the league to verify enrollment at the school for the 2017/2018 school year:

  1. Official School enrollment record
  2. School issued report card or performance record
  3. A Little League issued school attendance form completed by the principal, assistant principal or administrator http://files.LeagueAthletics.com/Images/Club/9477/school-enrollment-form.pdf

All out of boundary registrations must be manually inputted, please contact our league  .

3.  What is your Little League age?

Your 2020 little league age is the player's age as of August 31, 2020.

4.  Registration Process

There are three ways you can register your child:

  • Online at www.granadalittleleague.com, click the "Register Online!" button after October 1.
  • In person at the first tryout date at the GLL fields, please note if you wait until this date you will be charged a late registration fee.

5. What is required?

Payment can be made with a Visa, Mastercard, Discover.

For age verification, a birth certificate must be on file with the league for each player. RETURNING PLAYERS that did not previously upload a birth certificate may have to re-submit. We recommend uploading the birth certificate directly to the registration for your player.

New players must also provide current proof of residency.  Proof of residency is three separate documents to prove the location of residency. This could be a driver's license, an electric bill, a cable bill, a mortgage payment notice, etc.  For those who live outside the boundary, but attend school within the boundary, proof of in boundary school attendance is required.  A school attendance verification document, or a school class schedule and or report card may be used to prove attendance at a school within the boundary. This must be done each year.

Age and address verification guidelines come from Little League International, and can be found by clicking here.

Please upload Birth Certificate and address verification documents during registration. You may also bring forms to tryouts, however, please note it is preferred that all forms be uploaded to the website directly. Do not mail any forms.


6. What are the rates for the Spring 2020 Season?

The table below contains the fee schedule for the upcoming season.

League Age

Early Registration Fee
(before 12/1/18)

Late Registration Fee (12/1/18 - tryouts)

Fundraiser Buyout
4-7 Year Olds $225 $265 $50
8-12 Year Olds $275 $315 $50
50/70 Intermediate
12-13 Year Olds
$325 $365 $50
Junior 90s
13-14 Year Olds
$325 $365 $50
Juniors Gold Division
13-14 Year Olds
$75* $0 $0
Seniors Premier $325 $0 $50
Seniors 2nd Half Only $175 $0 $0
Challenger Division $0 $0 $0
*The additional fees for Junior Gold teams will be collected after teams have been formed.