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Evaluation Schedule & Logistics

(Note: evaluations will take place rain or shine.)


Players with last names beginning between A-P will be asked to attend the December 7th evaluation. Players with last names beginning between Q-Z will be asked to attend the December 14th evaluation.


December 7th, 2019 Schedule:

9am - 10:45am Players League Age 7 and 10

11am - 12:45pm Players League Age 9 and 12

1pm - 2:45pm Players League Age 8 and 11


UPPER DIVISION: December 7th, 2019 Schedule

10:00 - 11:30am - Intermediate 50/70 - House Division - League Ages 12 and 13 
12:00 - 1:30pm - Junior 90s - Gold & House Divisions - 
League Ages 13 and 14

Questions:  @granadalittleleague.com
This will be the only day for upper division evaluations.
All Players check in at GLL Snack Shack - Players please arrive 30 minutes early for check in and individual warm ups. (we will no longer be using Max Baer #2)


December 14th, 2019 Schedule:

8:30am - 10am Players League Age 7 and 10

10:15am - 11:45pm Players League Age 8, 11, and 12

12pm - 1:45pm Players League Age 9



Players please arrive 30 minutes early to get checked in for your evaluation time.


Please head to the Registration/ Check In tables that will be located near the snack shack between fields 1 and 2 to recieve a number and make sure all paper work is complete.


See the chart below to confirm your players League Age so they attend the correct evaluation window.


What is your Little League age?

Your 2020 little league age is the player's age as of August 31, 2020.

If you are uncertain of your players league age, please use the LL age calulator:



*Attending evaluations helps leagues place players at the correct level for their age and ability. It is requested that all players league age 7 and up attend evaluations every season.*

**Tryouts, Little League does not have them. No players are cut. Players are evaluated and placed at the level their ability and age dictate based on selection processes put in place at each individual league. If a player wants to play, leagues do their best to find the right place for them.**