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All clinics and meetings are listed on the GLL Important Dates Page.

Rules Clinics
: We will provide you six (6) hours of rules instruction that cover all the major sections of the rule book including the latest changes to the rules for the year. These are a great refresher for returning umpires and mandatory for new umpires.  Rule books will be handed out at these meetings. House Rules specific to Granada Little will NOT be covered in these meetings. 


Umpire Meeting: This is a meeting for all umpires (returning and new). In this meeting we will be handing out and covering Granada's House Rules, recent significant changes to bat regulations and how we will be dealing with them, Granada's system of umpire scheduling utilizing Arbiter Sports for Majors games and above, handing out hats and shirts for new umpires, and more. 


Mechanics Clinic:    In addition to the rules instruction, we will also provide you eight (8) hours of mechanics instruction. Thes clinics are also a great refresher for returning umpires and mandatory for new umpires. Experienced umpires and/or umpires that have graduated from the week-long umpire school in San Bernardino (adult or junior) are encouraged to help instruct, demonstrating in drills and running break out stations. In this clinic we will cover things like how to position yourself behind the plate and on the bases, how to properly call a strike, ball, fair, foul, out, safe and other items critical to making it all work.