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Minor Divisions (AAA, AA, A)
If you are an umpire for a Minor division team you will be the Plate Umpire for games in which your team is the Home Team. You will be the Base Umpire for games in which your team is the Visitor. Should you not be able to umpire a game for which you are scheduled you may coordinate with the Team Manager to hire a Youth Umpire in your place. Youth Umpires earn $25 per game for field umpire and $35 per game for plate, and are paid directly by the team parents prior to the start of the game.

Adult Game Coordinator Requirement
If no adult umpire is available for a game, and non-adult umpires are used exclusively for that game, the local Little League must assign an adult as Game Coordinator, or the game cannot be played.”

*** For Minor A, AA, and AAA - Managers of both teams coordinate to assign an Adult Game Coordinator.
*** For Majors and Above - GLL UIC is responsible for assigning an Adult Game Coordinator.

See the complete write up here.

Majors, 50/70, Juniors, Seniors, Big League Divisions
If you are an umpire for the older divisions you may self-assign games on Arbiter (www.arbitersports.com). In order to do so a profile must be set up in your name under Granada Little League's Arbiter account - even if you have used Arbiter with other organizations you must request to set up a profile. Please email your request for a profile to  .