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Umpire Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How do I contact the Granada Little League Umpire-in-Chief?

Jason Clouser

Q. What are the requirements to be an umpire?

The minimum age is "baseball league age 12".  You must also attend mandatory training, be properly equipped and dresses and be motivated. All umpires must 18 years and older must complete a Little League Volunteer Application and turn it in with a copy of their drivers license each year. 

Q. Do umpires get paid?


Minor Division - Regular Season: Youth umpires can be paid directly by the team (parents) for which they umpire, or they can volunteer. Youth umpires are paid $25 (Bases) and $35 (Plate) per game. 

Major, Junior, Senior and Big League Divisions - Regular Season: No umpire is paid at these levels.

Annual Granada Invitational Tournament (July): Each year since 1986 Granada has hosted a month-long invitational tournament playing teams from all over the Bay Area. It is broken onto four one-week sections (9-year olds, 10-year olds, 11-year olds, and 12-year olds). Youth Umpires are paid for these games: $35 for the Plate and $25 for the Bases. This has been a great opportunity for youth to make some great money during the summer while having a great time umpiring!


Adults are not paid in Granada Little League. Most Adult Umpires start umpiring as a way to help with thier child's team and many continue for years, even after their child(ren) no longer play in the league. GLL is very proud of the amazing staff of tenured Adult Umpires and are equally excited and committed to invest in new umpires.

All Umpires are given a shirt and hat at the completion of mandatory training.

Q. When and where are games played?

Monday to Friday games are played between 4:30 and dark. Saturday games take place from 8:00 a.m. to dark.  Games are held at the Granada Little League Fields between Mendenhall Middle School and Emma C. Smith Elementary School. 

Q. Is training provided to new umpires?

Yes. A Rules Clinic and a Beginning Mechanics Clinic are required prior to qualifying as an umpire. For more information please (click here).

Q. Can I umpire for Granada Little League if I live outside the League boundaries?


Q. Can I umpire for other leagues and organizations also?


Q. What should I wear when I umpire and does GLL supply my uniform and protective gear?

An umpire should wear the provided Navy shirt over a red short-sleeved shirt, Navy hat (supplied), grey pants, black belt, black shoes and black socks. While we understand that in the beginning you may not have all the components of the uniform, we feel strongly that the umpire is taken much more seriously when they dress as best as they can. Some tips for an inexpensive start include buying grey slacks and a black belt at Walmart and wearing black (molded) cleats you light already own. Ask yourself, which umpire would you take more seriously, one with shin guards over jeans or one with shin guards under grey slacks?

At no time is an umpire to wear shorts or flip-flops.

Protective Plate equipment as well as indicators, red flags, plate brushes and ball bags are located inside a bin in the score booth of each field. Many umpires decide to get their own own protective equipment as they progress in their umpire career.

Uniform components and equipment can be found at the following websites:


Q. Who runs Granada Little League?

The volunteers. This is comprised of approximately 25-30 volunteer board members who are responsible for various pieces of the league. This keeps in tradition with Little League International, which is the largest volunteer organization in the world!

Q. When is the playing season?

The playing season is March to mid June. Post-season tournaments are in June and July. The Little League World Series is in August.

Q.  What Should I Do If It's Been Raining And The Games May Be Cancelled?

If it's been raining and the fields are wet, there's a good chance the games will be canceled.  Umpires are instructed to check the Field Conditions box on the GLL Home Page. On Saturdays, early games may be canceled but later games may still occur so check for updates.