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These teams will be formed after GLL All Star (Gold) team rosters are announced. Everyone expressing interest will be contacted, whether placed on a roster or not. 

All rules that pertain to Tournament at any level as outlined by Little League Baseball, Inc., either in the Official Regulations & Playing Rules, the Operating Manual, or any other Official Publication will supersede any policy.

A.Player Eligibility

Player must not have reached stage 3 (Third Notice) of the disciplinary process during the season. The Player Agent and League President will ensure that this rule is strictly enforced.

B.Selection Process

1.Manager Selection

The Managers for the Tournament teams will be proposed to the Board by the Manager Representative. The Board will review the recommendations, and final selections will be heavily weighted by Parent/Player evaluations and Umpire scorecards. The selected Manager will be allowed to select his/her supporting Coaches after the announcement of the All Star teams. Once again, Board approval is required and the Coaches will be approved based on the same criteria as the Manager.

The Managers for the Tournament teams should come from the Divisions from which the majority of players from that team played in.

2.Player Selection

Tournament teams will be age pure for each age group.
There will be four age groups representing GLL:

  1. 12 year old Granada Black
  2. 11 year old  Granada Black
  3. 10 year old Granada Black
  4. 9 year old Granada Black

Each team will consist of 1 Manager and 2 Coaches, and between 12-14 players.
Tournament team players will be selected by the Manager, in consultation with GLL board members.
Granada Black Tournament team rosters will be formed after All Star teams are announced.