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Mar, 2021

General Guidance Requirements

  • Face coverings to be worn by managers, coaches and support staff at all times

  • Face coverings to be worn by players when not participating in the activity (e.g., in the dugout, in line for batting cages, entry and exit).

  • If not playing, players, coaches and support staff must be 6ft apart at all times.

  • No sharing of drink bottles and other personal items and equipment (i.e. catcher's gear, bats etc).

  •  No sunflower seeds allowed No snacks/food allowed in the dugouts

  • Mixing with other households prior to and post any practice or competition must strictly adhere to current CA / Alameda County gathering guidance.

  1.  Physical Distancing

    • Maintain at least six feet of distance between sport participants and others to the maximum extent possible.
    • Maintain at least 6 feet of distance between coaches and participantsand facilitate physical distancing between participants to the maximum extent possible.
    • Avoid contact (no hifives, fist bumps, etc.).
  1. Hygiene and Equipment Sanitation

    • When equipment is shared during an activity, participants perform hand hygiene (wash hands with soap and water or use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer) before starting and after the conclusion of the activity.
    • Balls, equipment or other field objects can be touched by multiple players during practice and play if the above hand hygiene practices are followed.
  1. COVID19 Positive Specific Protocol
    If you or a family member test positive for COVID19, are having symptoms of COVID19, or are being quarantined by a doctor for COVID19 please adhere to the following protocol:

    •  Notify your Manager as soon as the first symptoms or notification arise. The Manager will be responsible for notifying the GLL Executive Board.
    •  Selfquarantine all your family members from any fields or teamrelated functions for 1014 days or until the GLL Executive Board has notified you it is safe to return. Contact your healthcare provider for guidance regarding testing. Should any further symptoms arise or additional family members fall ill, please notify your Manager ASAP, and the Manager will notify the GLL Executive Board.

    •  Provide a list to the Manager of any members of the league that you were in contact with, in order to perform contact tracing. The Manager will supply the list to the GLL Executive Board to complete Contact Tracing.

    •  If you or any of your immediate family members tested positive for COVID19, a 10day quarantine from onset of symptoms, or 10 days from a positive test result, will be required before returning to any team activities.
  1. Field Closure or Team Quarantine Procedure

  2.  In the event a team(s) needs to be quarantined, we will follow the below procedure:

    •  All Managers/coaches and parents of players of the affected team(s) will be notified by email and via phone number listed on their roster.
    •  All scheduled practices and/or games will be cancelled, and team members will be asked to selfquarantine for 1014 days. No team member will be allowed at GLL fields during the quarantine period, and the team should not gather for any kind of practice elsewhere during the quarantine period.

    •  Team members will be asked to disinfect any personal equipment used around other team members. Alternatively, any shared equipment may be allowed to sit for 48hours without being touched.

    •  Team members are asked to watch for symptoms of COVID19 and contact their Manager ASAP if any symptoms have developed. Please also contact your healthcare provider for guidance. The Manager will notify the GLL Executive Board.

    •  Upon completion of the 1014day quarantine, and if no other cases have surfaced, the team(s) may resume their normal schedule.


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